Our Prestigious Awards

This year our eatery has been acknowledged as the Best National Restaurant of 2015. We are extremely happy and proud about this recognition granted by 300+ industry experts. Such a prestigious award widens our list of our prizes that we’ve earned over the last decade. They include the Outstanding Service of 2013, the Choice of Businessmen of 2011, the Best Pastry Chef of 2010 and others.

We introduce new cultures to visitors through cuisines of various countries. Even if members of one family have different tastes, that’s not a problem. We offer a special dish for everyone regardless of their food preferences. Whether you want a usual or exotic dish, don’t hesitate to leaf through our diverse menu and order what you like. At our restaurant, we use only healthy ingredients, thus making our meals suitable for people who keep an eye on their ration or follow a diet. If a certain dish is fat- or gluten-free, this fact is accentuated in our menu. Are you a diner with special dietary needs? Then, you must pay a visit to our top-notch restaurant and try our wholesome food.

At our restaurant, you can find representatives of the most popular cuisines on a worldwide scale. Fans of the Italian cuisine will definitely appreciate our variety of pasta dishes with Parma Hem and Parmesan cheese. If you like the Thai cuisine, you are welcome to order veggies in thick sauce, broths and noodles spiced with fresh herbs. The Japanese cuisine has become a favorite of many gourmets lately, that’s why we offer sushi and tofu. Have you ever tried the Lebanese cuisine? It’s a good choice for vegetarians, as it is based on fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and seafood. To stay unique and surprise diners, we add our own zests to traditional dishes of national cuisines.

Our globally inspired and masterly cooked dishes are complemented with an extensive wine list. It embraces traditions of over 30 countries and comprises more than 3,000 wine selections of the utmost quality. Our large cellar with a capacity of 40,000+ bottles is controlled for optimal humidity and temperature, which provides the best conditions for wine storage. At our restaurant, we have options for any taste and wallet, with prices ranging from 50$ to 5,000$. If you find it challenging to choose the right wine from 3,000 varieties, our sommeliers will readily help you. From time to time, they travel around the world and pick the best from reputable, quality-oriented winemakers whose exclusive offerings aren’t available on the market.

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