Our Famous Prawn Linguine£7.75 / 13.50

Fried garlicky prawns, fennel, tomatoes, chilli, saffron, fish broth & lemony rocket

Gnocchi Genovese£6.00 / 11.50

Potato gnocchi with green beans, crushed purple potatoes, basil pesto, toasted pine nuts, Bella Lodi & ricotta

Penne Carbonara£6.50 / 10.95

Crispy chunks of smoked pancetta, sweet buttery leeks, lemon & a traditional carbonara sauce

Three-Cheese Caramelle£6.50 / 11.25

Beautiful filled pasta with ricotta, provolone, Bella Lodi & spinach, served with creamy tomato, garlic, basil & rosé wine sauce

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